About us

We Rescue Honeybees

Caring homeowners and businesses, who have decided that the honeybee is too important and significant a creature to destroy, secure our services to safely and gently remove and relocate their unwanted honeybee colonies.

We contend that saving these wild colonies is critical to ending our global honeybee crisis.

The honeybees that directly create 1/3 of our food supply are in crisis because of our actions. Our monoculture agriculture system dictates the use of antibiotics, toxic miticides, and honeybees artificially bred to be docile and prolific. By chemically propping up the health of these engineered honeybees, we have locked ourselves into a downward spiral of ever stronger diseases and ever weakening bees. Our unsustainable system is on the verge of collapse.

The feral colonies we rescue, however, may hold the answer.

The honeybees we rescue are adapting to today's stronger diseases and parasites. It is our mission to propagate the genetics of these "survivor" bees to restore the health and vitality that has been stripped from them. We tend our hives using only sustainable methods - absolutely no antibiotics, miticides, fungicides, or other chemical treatments - so you know the honey from our hives is absolutely pure and chemical-free.

Sustainable Beekeeping

Guerilla Beekeepers practices only sustainable methods of beekeeping, which means working with the innate strengths and weaknesses of the honeybee and to tailoring our efforts of management around their natural attributes and needs. No medications, chemical treatments, or artificial feeds are ever used in our hives.

Our colonies are allowed to build comb naturally instead of forcing them to utilize man-made foundation, which results in improper cell sizes and cell organization. Re-queening is seen as an intervention rather than standard operating procedure.

The goal is to replicate in the hive box conditions preferred by honeybees in the wild, and to nurture and propagate colonies having desirable attributes.

The key component of our sustainability model is that we keep every colony that we rescue, a claim only a handful of bee removal companies can make. Even if you choose another honeybee removal service, please make sure that they will be the actual caretakers of your colony.

We Believe:

That honeybees and other pollinators are far more valuable than we realize.

That the bees know what's best, so we should learn from them.

That antibiotics and poisons have no place in the hive.

In orgnanic and sustainable methods of beekeeping.

In small cells.

That honey is really, really, good.

That the health of the world's honeybees is the responsibility of every beekeeper.

That we are a part of the world, not apart from it.